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Trying to catch hold of a fleeting dream.
So this is something from last weeks Pathfinder session. Here's a little bit of background. We're playing Reign of Winter, and our party is currently my grenadier alchemist, my boyfriend's archeologist bard, a Duergar monk, a paladin that has a yak drawn cart, and the DM's necromancer. We're heading to the White Tower when we meet up with a Witch Crow.

Crow: What are you guys doing way out here?

Bard: Oh, we're traveling....yak...salesmen.

Crow: Really? What kind of yaks do you sell? ones for work or livestock?

Me: Both! Totally both.

Crow: Well, where are they?

Bard: In our yak bag! *gestures to necromancer's bag of holding dubbed the Science Bag*

Crow: But that's a bag of holding, they can't live in there.

Bard: It's specialty made for the yaks. Want to see? *rolled a 29 on his bluff*

Crow: *rolled a 4 on both sense motive and wisdom check**DM face palms* Sure!

The crow then sticks his face in the bag, only to be grappled and pulled in by one of his zombies.
And that's how we averted a 30 minute fight.
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